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Published: 2005-08-29 00:00:00

A specially-designed machine that recovers previously un-usable forest residue for turning into a bio-fuel, and a chemical-free nappy that babies can wear in swimming pools are among the award winners at tonight’s Waikato Business and the Environment Awards. 

A total of 21 entries of all types of business entered the 2005 Waikato Environmental Business Network awards, which are sponsored by Environment Waikato. They were judged by Environment Waikato Councillor Paula Southgate, Phil Houben, Michael Hamid and Kate Leov.

There are four award categories, which are sponsored by Degussa, BP, Fulton Hogan, and Hamilton City Council respectively, they are:

The Degussa Innovation Award recognises businesses developing innovative solutions to enhance environmental quality.

  • The Gold Award goes to Progressive Hydraulic.For its effort for inventing a uniquely designed machine that addresses a significant environmental problem, Progressive Hydraulics WoodWeta wood hogger recovers previously unusable forest residue or contaminated product for use as Bio Fuel. The project was largely self funded and the final product and process has wide application.
  • Silver Award goes to Funky Bumz.For passionate home grown innovation satisfying a clear need by a tiny cottage industry on the cusp of bigger things. Funky Bumz has designed and developed a reusable chemical free swim nappy that babies and infants use in public swimming pools.
  • Bronze Award goes to Fulton Hogan.For a company that has invested ahead of the curve of required environmental outcomes and employed machinery that has wide environmental benefits. Fulton Hogan’s pavement recycling machine mills the existing pavement, while adding “foamed” bitumen and conventional cement stabilisation products - without leaching or air discharges. 

The BP Pounamu Award recognises the integration of environmental management into everyday business practice.

  • The Gold award goes to Carter Holt Harvey – Kinleith.For a company that manages a very large site by applying modern technology, exceeding environmental compliance standards, liaising very well with the local community - and for the way they have comprehensively integrated environmental management into their business practices.
  • Silver Award goes to Progressive Hydraulics. For their comprehensive values-based approach to environmental management, and integrating sound environmental management into their business practices.
  • Bronze Award goes to Fulton Hogan. For including staff and developing a practical set of environmental guidelines that are applied to external work sites and for their longstanding commitment to integrated environmental management and sustainability initiatives.

The Fulton Hogan Waikato Paua Award recognises businesses reducing waste and using resources more efficiently.

  • Gold award goes to Progressive Hydraulics. For the company that has a comprehensive approach to environmental practices driven by total management commitment, a zero waste philosophy, and applies sustainability on a wide scale including their building design, environmental purchasing policies and resource use efficiently.
  • Silver Award goes to Gribbles Alpha. This Hamilton veterinary laboratory has a strong environmental culture, comprehensive environmental management systems, full staff involvement and an expanding outlook. Gribbles Alpha has implemented initiatives and programmes to manage and reduce all waste and improve energy efficiency.
  • Bronze Award goes to Hamilton City Council. For an organisation that has undertaken a thorough job of reducing waste, involving staff and moving ahead of legal requirements and for developing and implementing policies for internal waste minimization.

The Hamilton City Council Pukeko Award recognises not-for-profit organisations working with the community to achieve long lasting environmental benefits.

  • Gold Award goes to Whaingaroa Environment Centre. For a community taking the initiative to achieve holistic total health of their environment, being a catalyst to make things happen, with a wide breadth of vision and being a focus and hub of the community. Whaingaroa Environment Centre works to implement the community-based plan for a sustainable environment, embracing a passionate concern for the Whaingaroa catchment.
  • Silver Award goes to Xtreme Waste. For its tangible results in waste reduction and education through a community lead project and growing a small business through recycling and reusing other peoples waste. Xtreme Waste has a vision to establish a waste management system for Raglan community that is based on the principles of Zero Waste.
  • Bronze Award goes to Kakepuku Mountain Conservation Society. For a long standing community owned project that continues to produce consistently good results based on sound management planning. Kakepuku Mountain Conservation Society’s Historic Reserve Project enhances the ecosystem of the mountain and maintains a habitat that ensures viable populations of indigenous birds and invertebrates.