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Published: 2002-03-20 00:00:00

Businesses as diverse as The Warehouse, Otorohanga Zoo and Transit New Zealand won awards for their environmental contribution at last week’s Waikato Business and the Environment Awards. 

A total of 28 businesses of all kinds entered the 2002 awards, which are sponsored by Environment Waikato. They were judged by patent attorney Kate Wilson, environmental scientist Peter Cochrane, and Fund Manager for the New Zealand Recovered Materials Enterprise Trust Robert Kornfeld.

The Hamilton City Council Pohutukawa Award, which recognises businesses working with the community to achieve lasting environmental improvement, was won by The Warehouse, Hillcrest. The award recognised the store’s contribution to waste management in running its recycling days, which collect solid waste for recycling or reuse.

Runner-up was the Otorohanga Zoological Society for their breeding project of two indigenous species, the Taranaki provenance kiwi and the Stephens Island Tuatara.

Three merit awards went to The Hamilton Permaculture Trust, for their commitment to organic gardening, permaculture and sustainable living, Transit New Zealand for their Kuaotunu Hill Seal Extension and Realignment, and Hukanui School, Hamilton for restoration of its gully, and integration of environmental initiatives into studies.

The BP Pounamu award, which recognises the integration of environmental management into overall business processes, was jointly awarded to Hamilton Organic Recycling Centre and Fulton Hogan Waikato. The Recycling Centre is the largest contributor in minimising Hamilton City’s disposal of waste and landfill. Fulton Hogan Waikato has integrated environmental management into their everyday practice.

The Waikato This Week Paua Award, which recognises businesses reducing waste and using resources more efficiently was awarded to Health Waikato which has a comprehensive programme to achieve integrated waste management across the organisation. Runners-up were The Warehouse, Hillcrest for its reduction of solid waste.

The Degussa Innovation Award, which recognises businesses developing innovative solutions to enhance environmental quality, was awarded to Fulton Hogan Waikato. The company has adapted its asphalt manufacturing plant to capture emissions, and developed a management plan that includes processes to minimise odour.