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Published: 2013-11-14 00:00:00

Waikato Regional Council emergency response staff have helped a boat owner refloat an 11-metre private vessel that sunk in Wyuna Bay on the Coromandel and bring an end to fuel leaks from the craft.

It is hoped the leaking of about 85 litres of fuel from the vessel Hosanna will have minimal environmental impact, said regional on-scene commander Brendan Morris.

Pumps were used to refloat the vessel, owned by a Hamilton man, and the fuel leak was sealed this morning after the Hosanna sank yesterday afternoon around 3.30pm.

The regional council was on the scene promptly and deployed booms to help contain leaking fuel by 5pm.

The plan now is for council staff to monitor the boat in place till Saturday when it is due to be removed by the owner.

“Any sinking and fuel leak of this type is unfortunate but we have been able to respond promptly and work with the owner to resolve the situation as far as we can at this stage,” said Mr Morris.