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Published: 2005-11-28 00:00:00

Environment Waikato began channel maintenance work on Graham’s Creek in Tairua this week.

The maintenance work, which will help to reduce the impact of flooding on homes along Graham’s Creek, was identified as a priority by the Graham’s Creek Community Working Party.

Around 2,500 cubic meters of built up silt, which has affected the path and flow of the creek, will be removed and a section of the creek reformed to help it take floodwaters without breaking its banks.

The creek’s flow has also been affected by exotic vegetation such as wild ginger and willows. These will be removed and some areas developed with native grasses to provide habitat for spawning inanga (whitebait).

Next year, native plants will be planted along the creek to help stabilise the banks. Re-establishing the native vegetation will also create habitat for birds.

Environment Waikato Peninsula Project Manager Julie Beaufill cautions that although this work will help to reduce the impact of flooding, it will not resolve the major flooding problems facing the community.

“We’re working with Thames-Coromandel District Council and the Community Working Party to develop options that will address the bigger problems such as the flow of the creek during extreme rainfall events.

“These issues are being considered as part of a wider catchment management approach which could involve animal pest control, erosion protection and environmental enhancement work such as habitat creation and wetland protection.”

For more information contact:
Julie Beaufill
Programme Manager – Coromandel Zone
Environment Waikato
Phone: 07 866 0172