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Published: 2012-02-27 00:00:00

Waikato Regional Council has merged two of its standing committees to drive a greater focus on environmental monitoring and reporting of its policy effectiveness.

The new resource use and environmental monitoring committee replaces the environment and regulatory committees, and brings together the councillors from the two committees.

The council’s committee structure came up for review late last year when the regulatory committee recommended that the council remove its power to consider and/or initiate legal proceedings for resource management non-compliance.

The committee sought a review of the terms of reference and scope of activity for the regulatory committee and the potential for amalgamation with the council’s other standing committees.

As a result, the new committee has been formed to oversight monitoring and reporting in relation to:

  • the effectiveness of the council’s policy implementation activities, navigation safety by-law responses, and Building Act responsibilities
  • the regulatory performance of permitted activities, resource consents and bylaw rules including compliance and enforcement
  • the performance and effectiveness of the council’s community extension activities including environmental education, Enviroschools, care groups, natural heritage partnership projects and air quality incentive programmes
  • State of the Environment monitoring trends.

The committee will also consider emerging environmental issues and provide advice on the implication for effective resource management in the region, as appropriate.

Its work will take into account iwi perspectives relating to environmental and regulatory monitoring.

Committee members are Lois Livingston (chair), Phillip Legg (deputy chair), Jane Hennebry, Theresa Stark, Russ Rimmington, Tony Armstrong, and the council chairman Peter Buckley and deputy chairman Simon Friar.