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Published: 2002-01-24 00:00:00

Several new and improved bus services have been given the green light for Hamilton City. 

Land transport funding agency Transfund New Zealand has approved ‘Kick-start’ funding of $367,082 towards a number of improvements totalling $774,537 jointly funded by Environment Waikato.

Environment Waikato says the bus services, which will be introduced from March 1will include:

  • An extension to the Claudeland service to incorporate Porritt Stadium and the Chedworth area. This is the first bus service for Porritt Stadium and Chedworth.
  • A two hour extension to bus services on all routes in Hamilton City on Thursday and Friday evening.
  • A 24-month trial of a new service that will collect passengers from the expanding North Eastern suburbs and carry them through to the eastern area terminus at Chartwell Square.
  • A 30 minute, all day bus service on Frankton (Route 8). Currently most services in Hamilton City operate 30 minute frequency services at peak periods and 60 minute off-peak services.
  • An extended trial of Saturday bus services on all existing Hamilton city routes by four return trips a day – one early morning and three afternoon services.

Transfund Chief Executive Martin Gummer said these were the first Kick-start funding applications for service improvements to be received from Environment Waikato.

“The funding represents a very real opportunity to enhance the overall Hamilton passenger transport system, improving accessibility and reducing congestion at peak times. This benefits both public transport users and motorists.

“Increases in patronage from the extended services will also have positive financial spin-offs for Environment Waikato, through Patronage Funding. If the services are well-supported, Environment Waikato will be able to recover from Transfund a proportion of its share of costs associated with the service extensions, through increased subsidies resulting from increased patronage.”

Under the Government’s Patronage Funding Scheme, the more passengers carried in a Region, the greater the funding from Transfund. ‘Kick-start’ funding helps regional councils establish new services and infrastructure improvements that will help grow patronage as quickly as possible.