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Published: 2008-09-18 00:00:00

Joint release from Environment Waikato and Waikato District Council.
Environment Waikato (EW) and Waikato District Council (WDC) commissioners have approved consent applications related to the proposed building of a new bridge and related causeway at Raglan.

The bridge proposed by the Raglan Land Company would replace the existing one-lane structure connecting the Rangitahi Peninsula and the headland of Opotoru Rd.

The two councils held joint hearings on the applications, but each council considered consents specific to its areas of responsibility.

Various concerns were raised about the project, including sediment into water, loss of wildlife habitat and impacts on shellfish.

However, EW’s commissioners– councillors Andra Neeley and Paula Southgate, with Rex Hawkins – said they were satisfied construction of the bridge and causeway would have no more than minor effects on the environment, provided consent conditions were complied with.

Conditions included a requirement that, before construction started, Raglan Land Company would have to demonstrate it had enough funds to complete the job. It would also have to pay a bond allowing the project to be completed if the company failed to do so.

On the matters before WDC, the district council’s commissioner Paul Cooney found a land use consent should be granted subject to appropriate conditions.