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Published: 2005-12-02 00:00:00

Six trustees have just been appointed to the Lake Taupo Protection Trust. The Trust is charged with enhancing the long-term health of Lake Taupo, primarily by reducing nitrogen pollution.

Nitrogen feeds the growth of tiny free-floating algae which impact on the Lake’s health and water clarity – and therefore the Trust is aiming to reduce this impact by achieving a 20 per cent reduction in nitrogen entering the Lake from both rural and urban sources.

To achieve its goal of protecting the Lake, the Trust will implement a programme using an $81.5 million joint fund, which will be raised over a 15 year period. This fund will be used to encourage and assist land-use change, and to purchase land in the Lake Taupo catchment, as well as other initiatives to assist landowners to reduce the nitrogen impact of their activities on the Lake.

The $81.5 million fund arises from the contributions by Environment Waikato, Taupo District Council and central government, who are all involved in the project to enhance the long-term health of Lake Taupo. A joint committee of these three agencies, along with the Tuwharetoa Maori Trust Board, will oversee the activities of the Trust.

The Trust’s work in reducing nitrogen pollution will be assisted by a comprehensive package of methods from the agencies including changes to rules on land-use, and improvements to sewerage reticulation in urban areas.

The trustees (listed in alphabetical order) are:

Gerald Frazer Fitzgerald - (Wellington)
Lawyer/Partner with Kensington Swan.
Principal area -Corporate and Securities and Finance.

Colin Trevor Horton - (Hamilton)
Agricultural Developments (NZ) Ltd
Registered Agricultural Consultant.

John Hura - (Turangi)
Planning Manager- NZ Forest Mangers Ltd
Chairperson of the Taupo-nui-a-tia Management Board.

John Thomas Kneebone - (Cambridge)
Former chair of Landcare Research
Former Director of AFFCO
Former president of Federated Farmers
Member of Waitangi Tribunal since 1989.

Jeremy Rickman – (Hamilton)
Partner at Beattie Rickman
Chartered Accountant/Arbitrator/Mediator.

Susan Yerex – (Turangi)
Founding member of Taupo Lakecare Group
Dry Stock Farmer.