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Published: 2006-11-01 00:00:00

They’re young. They’re a little bit crazy. And they’ll be Orbiting the city this weekend.

Hamilton group FLAME Reformed Youth is holding an “amazing race” on Saturday, hosting other reformed churches from Auckland, Waikato and as far south as Hastings.

Group co-leader and amazing race organiser Renee Termaat said the event would involve about 45 people, most aged between 15 and 20. Divided up into groups of five, they would buzz around the city completing crazy tasks, carried by Environment Waikato’s Orbiter buses.

“We did the race last year in cars, but with rising fuel prices we thought it would be cool to take the buses,” Renee said.

“It’s cheaper, it’s environmentally friendly and it’ll be good fun, which is what this race is all about.”

Competitors will stop off at key Orbiter destinations like The Base, Chartwell, Dinsdale, Flagstaff and Hamilton Lake and a few places in between as they complete their quirky quests.

So if you see a bunch of people on their backs in the supermarket waving their arms and legs in the air this Saturday…it’s cool. They’re fine.

The day will end up in flaming good style with a barbecue, bonfire and fireworks, where competitors will share photos and swap stories about their adventures.

Environment Waikato passenger transport spokesperson Paula Southgate applauded FLAME Reformed Youth for thinking outside the square and using an environmentally friendly travel option.

“It’s great to see the buses being used in a variety of ways,” she said.

FLAME Reformed Youth combines members of Hukanui Reformed Church and the Reformed Church of Hamilton. FLAME stands for faith, love, accountability, ministry and evangelism.