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Seven Oaks Kinloch Ltd - Extension of Okaia Drive

This is not a publicly notified application.


Status of application

The application was processed on a non-notified basis and a decision was made on the 22 August 2019.

S95 Notification Report for Resource Consent [PDF, 896 KB]

Seven Oaks Kinloch Ltd - Consent Evaluation Report  [PDF, 1.1 MB]


About the proposal

Waikato Regional Council received a suite of resource consent applications from Seven Oaks Kinloch Ltd to authorise activities associated with the construction of an access road to service a proposed 30 lot residential development at 23 Kahikatea Drive, Kinloch including construction earthworks, culvert structures and the diversion of surface water.


Application information

Application information is available here for you to download and read. You can also obtain copies of this information by contacting us on our Resource Use Freephone 0800 800 402. Please let us know whether you would prefer this in hard copy or digital format.

If you have further questions or would like more information on this proposal, please contact:

  • Waikato Regional Council: Richard Duirs, Consultant Planner ‐ Wainui Environmental, 07 825 8336,


Review the consent applications lodged with Waikato Regional Council: 

Resource Consent Application - Damming & Diversion of Water, Land Use & Bridge Culvert or Other Instream Works - 23 Kahikatea Drive Kinloch [PDF, 15 MB]

Resource Consent Application - Land Use - 23 Kahikatea Drive, Kinloch [PDF, 14 MB]


Review the Acceptance letter:

Seven Oaks Kinloch Ltd - Acceptance and s92 Letter [PDF, 582 KB]

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