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Mercer Assets Limited – mushroom composting operation

This application is a limited notification jointly with Waikato District Council.


Please note that the general public and other interested persons cannot make a submission on this application as it is a limited notification only.

Those persons who are deemed to be affected have received a limited notification letter from Waikato Regional Council advising them that they can make a submission on the application lodged with Waikato Regional Council.

Status of application

The application has been notified to 26 affected parties and is currently being processed.

About the proposal

Mercer Assets Limited (trading as Mercer Mushrooms) has lodged an application with Waikato Regional Council to produce mushroom substrate (compost) in a controlled environment on a 13 hectare rural property located at 55 Morrison Road, Pukekawa.

The production of the mushroom substrate will enable the mushroom growing operation previously undertaken on the property, to recommence.

Resource consent applications

Consent application 140657 was lodged with Waikato Regional Council on 29 April 2019.

This application includes an assessment of environmental effects. Activities are as follows:

Activity 1: 140657.01.01

Discharge contaminants to air associated with the production of mushroom substrate and from a LPG-fired boiler used in conjunction with the mushroom growing process. 

Activity 2: 140657.02.01

Discharge treated domestic waste water.

Activity 3: 140657.03.01

Earthworks to establish mushroom substrate production buildings.

Application information

Application information is available here for you to download and read. You can also obtain copies of this information by contacting us on our Resource Use Freephone 0800 800 402.

If you have further questions or would like more information about this application, please contact Marius Rademeyer, resource management consultant for Waikato Regional Council at or mobile: 021 114 6290.

Resource consent application and assessment of environmental effects (AEE)

The consent application lodged with Waikato Regional Council is:

The consent application

Request for further information

Further information received

Notification decision