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Integrated Catchment Management Committee agendas and minutes

Membership: Councillor Stuart Husband (Joint Chair North), Councillor Stuart Kneebone (Joint Chair South), Councillor Fred Lichtwark, Councillor Dal Minogue, Councillor Jennie Hayman, Councillor Kataraina Hodge, Councillor Kathy White, and Councillor Alan Livingston or Councillor Tipa Mahuta (ex-officio).

NOTE: We only put up information on our website for meetings held over the previous 2 years.  
If you're looking for something from an earlier date, please ask us - just fill out and submit an online request for service form.

This also includes meeting minutes and agendas for the Aka Aka Otaua Drainage Advisory Committee

Date and time Agendas  Meeting documents  Minutes
18 September 2019, 10.00am Agenda [PDF, 18 MB]   Minutes [PDF, 378 KB]
7 August 2019, 10.00am Agenda [PDF, 6.5 MB] Land Drainage Management Plan [PDF, 3.5 MB] Minutes [PDF, 828 KB]
11 June 2019, 10.00am Agenda [PDF, 8.7 MB]   Minutes [PDF, 841 KB]
10 April 2019, 10.00am Agenda [PDF, 7.2 MB]
Addendum [PDF, 1.9 MB]
  Minutes [PDF, 822 KB] 
13 February 2019, 10.00am Agenda [PDF, 2.5 MB]  

Minutes [PDF, 207 KB]

5 December 2018, 10.00am Agenda [PDF, 10 MB] Lake Taupo Catchment meeting minutes 16 November 2018 [PDF, 153 KB] Minutes [PDF, 711 KB]
10 Oct 2018 Agenda [PDF, 9.7 MB] Attachment to item 9 [PDF, 5.2 MB]
Attachment to item 11 [PDF, 7.6 MB]
Minutes [PDF, 263 KB]
6 June 2018, 10am Agenda [PDF, 14 MB] Summary of Section B Recommendations to Council [PDF, 115 KB]
Lower Waikato Catchment Chair powerpoint presentation [PPTX, 9.6 MB]
Minutes [PDF, 231 KB]
11 April 2018 10.00am Agenda [PDF, 4.2 MB] item 10.6 West Coast Catchment Minutes 23 March 2018 [PDF, 147 KB] Minutes [PDF, 207 KB]