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Integrated catchment management (ICM)

Stream and river stability, soil stability and flooding are influenced by natural events and processes and people’s activities over an entire catchment. So, it’s important that we don't just manage a stream or river in isolation, but instead manage its catchment as a whole. This is integrated catchment management (ICM).

Waikato Regional Council manages our region’s catchments in partnership with local communities, to:

  • reduce the risk of soil erosion and flooding
  • reduce the amount of sediment getting into waterways
  • improve water quality
  • improve river stability
  • improve river environments, for example, creating a better habitat for a wider variety of plants and animals (improved biodiversity).

Find out a bit more about integrated catchment management (ICM), and what we do.

What's going on in my area?

We've divided the region up into the eight catchment management zones below, for service delivery. Click on your zone area to find out who your local contacts are, and what's going on.

Not sure of your area? Go to a map. You can enter your address in the map search box  to find out what zone you're in.