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Coromandel Peninsula Blueprint

The Coromandel Peninsula Blueprint is a joint initiative between four project partners:

  • Thames-Coromandel District Council
  • Waikato Regional Council
  • Department of Conservation
  • Hauraki Whaanui.

These four groups collaborate under the Coromandel Peninsula Blueprint to achieve integrated planning on the Coromandel Peninsula. Waikato Regional Council contributes to the combined planning approach by aligning our values and responsibilities with those from the other three agencies, to create a common direction for the Coromandel Peninsula for the next 20 to 50 years.

The Blueprint is presented in two parts: The District-wide Blueprint and the Local Area Blueprints. The District-wide Blueprint provides an overall strategy for the district and was completed in February 2010.

Coromandel Peninsula Blueprint: Framework for our Future – Summary