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Recreational and commercial possum hunting map

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Waikato Regional Council recognizes that both recreational hunting and commercial fur harvesting of possums can make an important contribution to the pest control picture in the Waikato region.  Staff are often asked to recommend areas suitable for hunting/fur harvesting.

Click the thumbnail of the map to the right to view a larger version. You can also download the recreational and commercial possum hunting map in PDF format below:

Recreational and commercial possum hunting map (4MB)

Waikato Regional Council possum control

Waikato Regional Council carries out possum control in areas deemed by council as Priority Possum Control Areas (PPCAs) due to their biodiversity, catchment, or production values that are worthy of protection.  In these areas possum numbers are kept very low.

Interpreting the hunting map 

Waikato Regional Council has produced this map as a resource for possum hunters.  On the map we have ‘black' areas where possum control has been recently carried out, is being carried out regularly, or will be carried out in the next 12 months by professional possum control contractors.  These areas are either Waikato Regional Council PPCAs, TBfree New Zealand Tb Vector control areas or areas of Department of Conservation (DOC) managed land. In all these areas possum numbers are kept very low.

The areas not ‘black’ are considered by Waikato Regional Council to be places where there is an opportunity for recreational or commercial hunting.  Note this map is considered vaild until 1 August 2016 and will be updated annually. 

Waikato Regional Council would like to remind hunters that permission is required from the landowner before accessing properties and if wanting to hunt DoC land a permit may be required.

Standards, welfare and regulations

Waikato Regional Council would also like to remind hunters that national animal welfare requirements must be met and if using poisons that appropriate controlled substances licenses are held and poison conditions are followed. You should also check whether you need permission to use a vertebrate toxin.

Useful links

National Possum Control Agencies (NPCA) General information for controlling possums

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