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Classroom units

Rivers and Us Resource Unit booklet cover

Waikato Regional Council has developed these teaching units focusing on air, streams, rivers and the coast.

Save time and energy writing units by taking a copy of ours. You'll be fulfilling the curriculum and providing important environmental education at the same time.  *Please note: This resource is currently being updated. The curriculum links are not current. 

Clear the air

Clear the air provides teaching resources which focuses on air quality.

Rivers and us

Rivers and us is a water-focused unit for years 4-8. It looks at the impact of humans on our waterways and the many diverse ways that we use water.

This is a cross-curricula unit that initially focuses on people and their interaction with their local waterways. It then looks at human effects on your local river or stream.

shell illustration

Coasts and us

Coasts and us is a draft resource unit for years 4-8. It looks at the effect of humans on the coastal areas of our region.

Take a trip to your local coastal area and put your classroom work into outdoor environmental education.

Stream sense

stylised illustrationStream sense is a water quality catchment monitoring programme for years 9-13.

This programme encourages schools to become involved in ongoing monitoring of their local waterway and use the data gathered to solve problems about water quality.

Soils and us

magnifying glass illustrationSoils and us is a soils-focused unit designed for levels two to four. It looks at the relationship between people and our region's soil resources.

Soils form the foundation for life on earth. Along with air and water, soil is one of the most precious natural resources on earth. Find out more about soil, how it is formed, its structure and how we depend on it, in the Soils and Us unit.

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