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Topographic Map Imagery: NZMS 262 (1:250000 scale)

1. Identification Information
2. Contact Details
3. Spatial Information
4. Data Acquisition History
5. Data Quality Information
6. Distribution Information
7. Status Information
8. Further Metadata Information

1. Identification Information

Data Set Name:

Topographic Map Imagery: NZMS 262 (1:250000 scale)

Data Set Abstract:

A seamless digital mosaic of scanned 1:250,000 topographic maps covering the Waikato Region.

Content of Data Set:

Colour and Greyscale digital mosaic of scanned 1:250,000 topographic maps covering the Waikato Region.

GIS Features:



Key Words:

NZMS 262, map, image, topography


Land, GIS

Data Set Ids:


EW DOCS# 881395

Metadata Date:

17 December 2009

2. Contact Details

Contact Organisation:

Waikato Regional Council.

Contact Position:

GIS & Data Management Team Leader.


Resource Information Group, Environmental Monitoring.

Contact Address:

401 Grey Street

Hamilton East

Phone: (07) 859 0999

Fax: (07) 859 0998


Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)

3. Spatial Information

Geographic Extent:

The data set covers a rectangular area which includes the entire Waikato Region, plus parts of adjacent regions.

NZ Map Grid Co-ordinates:

Upper left coordinates 2650000E 6528000N, lower right 2822800E 6170000N

Positional Accuracy:

There is no official accuracy statement for the 1:250,000 maps as they are derived and generalised from other map sources.

4. Data Acquisition History

Period and Frequency of Record:

The NZMS 262 map series is no longer supported by LINZ and has been replaced by the Topo50 map series.

Data Acquisition Method(s):

The NZMS 262 maps for this dataset were compiled, draughted and converted into digital format using the following methods.

The original drawings for the detail of the NZMS 260 map series (and imperial NZMS 1 maps where metric NZMS 260 were unavailable) were photo-mechanically reduced to 1:250,000 scale and spliced together to form a scribing base. Cartographic generalisation and overlays were hand-scribed and masks were produced as negatives then photo-mechanically combined into 6 film positives. These 6 films were used to produce plates for printing and were printed by Government Print in a 6-colour process.

The printed maps for this data set were scanned on a high precision scanner at 100micron (254-dpi) resolution to produce a series of 24bit (16.7 million colour) digital image files. These files were then registered to the New Zealand Map Grid (NZMG) coordinate system and resampled so each pixel in the image equates to a 25-meter square on the ground. The images were then clipped to the outer extents of each map face and mosaiced together to form one seamless image. The image was then converted to an 8bit (256 colour) Intergraph-format image and written to CDROM for supply.

For the GIS_IMAGES.NZMS262_1_250000_GS feature:

The NZMS262 image conversion to greyscale:

- ImageStation Raster Utilities Delete Overview tool used to remove overviews;

- Adobe PhotoShop v7 used to save image as greyscale;

- ImageStation Raster Utilities Many/Raw File Converter used to add overviews (using Gaussian method) and to apply JPEG compression (Q=30).

Images are in S:\Corporate_Data\RASTER_IMAGES\TOPOGRAPHIC_IMAGES\NZMS262\nzms262GS.tif

5. Data Quality Information

Data Quality:

Each 262 map sheet had undergone a complete checking procedure to ensure the content is correct. Names and place names are checked against the Index of Places and Streets, and the detail on the map is checked against previous versions of the map or other existing maps

Attribute Accuracy:

Because the images are not linked to a database, attribute linkages are not applicable.


Generalisation is undertaken in accordance with the Department of Survey and Land Information Manual of Instruction 1987

Logical Consistency:

Not stated.

6. Distribution Information

Data Form:

This data set is available as printed maps and digital images.

Digital Format:

The imagery was supplied as a single Intergraph Type2, 8bit colour indexed image file. The image has an internal tile size of 128 x 128 pixels and contains 3 internal overviews at 1/2, 1/4 and 1/8 resolutions.

Image file located in S:\Corporate_Data\RASTER_IMAGES\TOPOGRAPHIC_IMAGES\NZMS262


The imagery can be used as a backdrop for locating and capturing other GIS data at an equivalent scale (1:250,000). The imagery is not suitable for use in detailed, site-specific analysis. The imagery can also be incorporated as a pictorial/ contextual backdrop for use in reports.

Data Set Availability:

All scanned topographic sheets (1:50,000, 1:250,000, 1:500,000 and 1:1,000,000) are derived from published LINZ map sheets. The crown retains copyright over this data (published map sheets), but the fees for reproduction of the dataset have been abolished. This means WRC are able to reproduce these scanned images at no cost, as long as the conditions below are met.

Acknowledgement of source:

Where map or data products are reproduced, derived or copied from LINZ material the following acknowledgement note should be shown on the product and associated media:

“Sourced from Land Information New Zealand data. Crown Copyright Reserved’

Where the product is a single map, A4 size or smaller, the following note can be used:

“Contains Crown Copyright data”

7. Status Information

Data Status:

The NZMS 260 series is no longer supported by LINZ and has replaced with the Topo50 map series in September 2009.

8. Further Metadata Information

Related Information:

The NZMS 262 map series has been replaced by the new Topo50 series. Topo50 map series uses New Zealand Geodetic Datum 2000 (NZGD2000) and the New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000 (NZTM2000) projection.

General Notes:


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