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Landcare groups

Why we monitor landcare groups

We monitor landcare groups to assess how effective our policies have been at:

  • encouraging community participation in environmental management
  • raising environmental awareness.

We can also review and assess how effective the care groups are at carrying out environmental improvement projects.

Landcare groups are groups of people working together to improve their area’s environmental health. Members include landowners and occupiers, iwi, schools, and environmental groups.

The number of landcare groups and what they achieve is an indication of:

  • the public’s environmental awareness
  • community involvement in environmental projects.

What's happening?

Landcare groups are partnerships where local people work together to take action on local environmental issues.

People find that being part of a landcare group helps them to get support from a range of organisations and sponsors. It also helps with motivation, as a group effort has a much greater impact than working alone and it is more fun.

Waikato Regional Council helped start the region’s first landcare group in 1992. 

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This indicator is updated annually

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