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Household income

Why we monitor household income

The council monitors the region’s household incomes in order to:

  • assess areas of economic or social hardship
  • assess rates affordability.

The Waikato Regional Council monitors household incomes in the Waikato region and compares them with the national average.

What's happening?

We analysed information from the Income survey date collected by Statistics New Zealand1 to compare household incomes in the Waikato region with the rest of New Zealand.

 The income survey data excludes households where all members are outside the age range of 18 to 64 years.

 In the year ended June 30 2018 the median before-tax household income in the Waikato region was $1678 per week.

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More information

When this indicator is updated

The New Zealand and Waikato region indicator is updated every year after the income survey results are published.

Contact at Waikato Regional Council

Social Scientist - Science and Strategy Directorate


  1. Copyright: Information obtained from Statistics New Zealand may be freely used, reproduced, or quoted unless otherwise specified. In all cases Statistics New Zealand must be acknowledged as the source.