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Click here to learn about the region's natural resources
Natural resources

Find out about what affects our region's air quality.

Find out about the diverse collection of native plants and animals in the Waikato region.

Find out about the Waikato region's coast and estuarine shoreline.

Find out about the Waikato region's geothermal systems and attractions.

Land and soil
Find out about the Waikato region's land and soil and how to protect them for our wellbeing.

Find out about the Waikato region's groundwater, rivers, lakes and wetlands.

Click here to find out more about environmental information
Environmental information

Here you'll find information about the state of our environment and the pressures that affect it.

Data Catalogue
Provides metadata in an ANZLIC compliant format, for spatial datasets and non-spatial data.

Regional inventory of
environmental data

Find out about some of the environmental information and datasets held by Waikato Regional Council and other agencies.

Real time monitoring information
Fine particle levels in the air
Groundwater levels
Rainfall levels
     Table of data
     Map of sites
River levels and flows
     Table of data
     Map of sites
Water temperature levels

Soil testing in Thames

Click here to go to learn about waste management and issues.

Contaminated sites
Contaminated sites have high concentrations of hazardous substances.

Hazardous substances
Hazardous substances are used from agriculture and horticulture to mining. It’s important their use is managed carefully.

Solid waste
Find out about the quantity and composition of solid waste produced, waste disposal and its effects, what we are doing to reduce waste in our region, and community views about waste.

Click here to learn about plant and animal pests
Plant and animal pests
Find out more about the plants and animals declared 'pests' in our region, including where they're found, methods of control and useful contacts.

Future pests
Find out what Waikato Regional Council is doing to protect our region from future pests.

Possum control
Find out how the Waikato Regional Council manages possum numbers.

Click here to report an environmental pollution incident
Report a pollution or environmental incident
Use our online form to report a pollution or environmental incident. You can also ring our freephone, 0800 800 401.