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Supporting priority areas

The Waipa Catchment Plan identifies ‘priority areas’ in the Waipa River catchment. In priority areas, on-farm actions to reduce erosion, maintain water quality and protect biodiversity would make the most difference. Priority areas could be subcatchments, reaches of rivers or streams or particular sites.

View information on priority areas for soil conservation, nutrients and biodiversity.

What if my property’s in a priority area?

Support is available to landowners in priority areas to help them:

This support includes:

  • assistance in developing property or farm plans
  • targeted funding (subject to eligibility and availability) of up to 70% of the cost of work
  • field days, information packages and so on, to encourage sustainable land use and management practices.

What if my property's outside a priority area?

Up to 35% funding (subject to eligibility and availability) is available to landowners in the Waipa catchment for:

  • soil conservation and erosion control works on sites with isolated and severe erosion or high potential as a flagship site for education and advocacy for water quality enhancement works
  • undertaking biodiversity protection and enhancement works that meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • high existing biodiversity value e.g. presence of threatened species, underrepresented ecosystem
    • high biodiversity education value.

For more information

Please contact Jo Nash, Stephanie Benucci or Paul Smith at Waikato Regional Council on freephone 0800 800 401.