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About us

Contact us
Information on how to contact Waikato Regional Council, our office locations and our service level commitment.

Our council
Information on the council and committees. Find out constituency boundaries, members and about the election process.

Our management
Information on Waikato Regional Council's management structure and staff.

Strategic direction
Information on Waikato Regional Council's new strategic direction.

Our region's boundaries
Find out boundaries for the Waikato region's regional and district councils.

Local governance statement
Information on the local governance statement.

Report a pollution or environmental incident
Use our online form to report a pollution or environmental incident. You can also ring our freephone, 0800 800 401.

Submissions from Waikato Regional Council
Commenting on central government's local government and resource management reforms including discussion documents and legislative changes.

The work we do
Information on the work we do.

Customer service charter
Our service delivery standards.

Requests for official imformation
Making an information request under LGOIMA.

Information on procurement and purchasing.

Click here to find out about our policies, plans and strategies
Policy and plans

Policies, plans and strategies for managing and using coastal resources and navigable waterways.

Plans under development
Find out what policy we're currently developing and consulting with the public about, or use our online form to send our Policy team feedback or an enquiry.

Policies, plans and rules for efficient energy use.

Hazard and catchment management
Policies, plans and strategies for managing catchments and natural hazards and emergencies .

Long term plan, annual plan, annual report and community outcomes
The long term plan describes our intended activities, outcomes and funding over the next 10 years. The annual plan and report are our yearly statments that set out our annual intended and acheived work and budgets. Community outcomes state what the council intends to achieve to maintain and improve the region's wellbeing in the present and the future. 

Policy effectiveness reports
Reviews of the efficiency and effectiveness of methods in our plans and policy statements.

Regional Pest Management Plan (RPMP)
The RPMP sets out why and how various plant and animal pests will be controlled in the Waikato region.

Regional Policy Statement (RPS)
The RPS provides an overview of resource management issues in the Waikato region. It provides policies and a range of methods to achieve integrated management of the region's natural and physical resources.

Rules and regulation
Policies, plans and rules for managing and using air, water, soil and coastal resources, navigable waterways, and plant and animal pests.

Policies, plans and strategies for transport system devleopment and road safety.

Policies, plans and strategies for efficient waste management.

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Contact the rates team
Contact Waikato Regional Council's rates team.

Find out your rates
Find out what your regional council rates are. You can search on property address or valuation number.

Answers to some frequently asked questions about Waikato Regional Council's rates.

Invoices by email
Receive your rates invoices by email rather than post.

Payment options and penalties
Find out how and where you can pay your rates. You'll also find out information on penalty charges for late payment.

Remission and postponement
Find out how to quality for a rates remission or postponement of payment.

Settlement requests online
Solicitors can use our online settlements request form to request rates information for property requisition purposes. We will fax a copy of the requested information back to you.

Targeted rates
Find out about targeted rates.

Update your contact details
Use our online form to update your rates contact details.

Click here to find out about working at Waikato Regional Council
Situations vacant

Application instructions
Information about making a job application to Waikato Regional Council.

Current vacancies
Find out what jobs are being advertised.

International applicants
Find out more about making a job application if you are currently located outside New Zealand.

Working at Waikato Regional Council
Find out a bit about what it's like working at Waikato Regional Council.